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Cleaning Services Camden

Cleaning Services Camden

To make sure that you can book a cleaner at any time of the day or night, Camden Cleaning Company have provided a simple to fill in form on our website. You will have to give a fair amount of personal information but all of it will be relevant to the service that you are intending to book.

Camden Cleaning Company Booking Method

We are going to need to know your name and email address as we will have to contact you to confirm the time and date of the booking. Clearly we will need to have your address as this is vital to making sure that the cleaners turn up at the right place and at the right time.

It is important that you tell us if there are any special requirements you have and it will help us to know if there are stairs or a hard to find entrance to the premises. We will also discuss with you our cleaning prices and cleaning methods.

We have provided a number of drop down boxes so as you can tell us the cleaning services you want. You can also select the day you want the visit to be made and how regularly you want them to happen. Finally we will need to know how long you want to hire us for.

For our information we would like to know how you heard about our cleaning company and once you have answered a simple question, the message is sent and a representative will contact you.

However, if you want to speak to us right away, you can always call 020 3912 1185.

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