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Privacy Policy Disclaimer Camden

As with all websites, we will be likely to change information when circumstances change. The information we put online is meant to show the cleaning services we offer and allow potential customers to find out who we are. Anything that we put online is meant to help our customers and is not to be copied or used by any third party.

While we may from time to time name products and companies this will not be taken that they are items or organisations that we support or recommend and any use of them will be at your own risk. As for the website itself, there will be no comeback to the company if there is a problem with it, and by this we mean if the site is down or there is a problem with the server.

Camden Cleaning Company takes your privacy very seriously and while we will collect information about customers, it will be information that they have willingly given to us. As a result, once we have your email address, we may use it to send electronic messages to you regarding our services and on occasion, send a survey to see what you think of the services we provide.

We will not share the information you give us as we are aware of your right to privacy. We do take notice of the pages you visit and as a result there may be targeted emails sent when we have an offer on any of the services that you have shown an interest in.

When you use our site, you are agreeing to abide by the regulations we have set out. If we do change any of our working practices we will make sure that you are made aware of this via the terms page on the site.

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